Square meter an art decor for about, square meter Bayside Counselling and the brand new project in the same street across the road you'll be paying anywhere between and Bayside Psychologist thousand square meter now brand new projects are clean beat everyone likes them.

When you walk in they're brand new and everything's new and it feels good sad thing is in five years time Psychologist Frankston they'll become established property just like the other ones across the road just like the art decor is so be very mindful there is no point in paying a premium for a brand new product Counselling Frankston.

If you're looking only exclusively for depreciation the reality is they become established and those established properties Psychologists Bayside continue to grow in value if you buy well and let me point out that a part of this process and when you enter the market the buying the most relevant part of getting involved in real estate Find a Psychologist.

People will talk about property doubles every seven to ten years and history will show you Counsellors Bayside it does even the average properties in most part have doubled in seven to ten years but not every property so what you've got to do is make sure Japanese psychologist Melbourne your selection is right when you're looking at it but that's why buying the property and paying the right price.

When you buy that property is going to give you the startup and the great opportunity ahead have plenty of examples where we've bought property for anywhere between ten Mandarin Psychologist Melbourne and fifteen percent below market value twelve months later.

Our clients have gone and God of new valuation refinance one and got involved in the market again and been able to immediately use that equity and that's one of the upsides of property over shares and equity Cantonese psychologist Melbourne.